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Zaina Brown

Certified Consultant


My Story

Picture it. Akron, Ohio. The summer of 2011. I got invited to another one of those home parties where I knew I would buy a thing or two so my friend would get her free stuff. I would rarely ever use whatever I purchased and the consultant would send me emails for the rest of eternity.

But, there was something very different about THIS product. I could not get enough. I ended up having my own in-home party within a month, continued to purchase every few weeks, and by mid-November, I had joined so that I was at least getting a discount for myself.

This journey has given me the opportunity to meet so many AMAZING people, visit a few new places, and give back to varying organizations through fundraisers. Of course it is not always easy but it has been so worth it.

Scentsy is the best company I have ever been a part of!! And everything just gets better and better each catalog, far surpassing our expectations. My smelly little business is older than my youngest daughter AND has lasted longer than both of my marriages combined! Yeah, I know, I know. But no worries, many lessons have been learned, some with the help of my extended Scentsy family, and I am a stronger woman because of it.

If you have ever considered just starting a little side activity for yourself, we should partner together and see how far you can soar!!

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